Merlin Nameservers
What are nameservers with Merlin Panel, the perks to letting us manage them and security benefits to think about.

What are Nameservers?

As you’re probably aware, every device connected to the internet can be identified using a unique IP address. Nameservers are part of a large database called the Domain Name System (DNS), which acts like a directory for devices and the IP addresses attached to them.
What nameservers do is use this information to translate domain names into numerical IP addresses – the language our computers understand. This process works so quickly that it’s almost never noticeable. You simply type in a URL, the nameserver lets your browser know where that website is located, and the desired page loads.
By pointing your domain to use Merlin's nameservers we offer a number of security and network benefits to your site.

Why should I point my domain to use Merlin's nameservers?

By changing your nameservers to our nameservers, you still maintain ownership of your domain and the ultimate last say in how your domain is managed. That means at any point you can remove our access so you're not tied down - transparency is important to us.
Now to the important bit, the benefits:

Easily manage your DNS, or let us do it for you

Setup of this system is completely done by us or we can give you instructions to do it on our behalf with your domain registrar.
The easy-to-use dashboard enables quick configuration of fine-grained functionalities to improve the performance of your website and allows you to view and manage your DNS.
This is on top of allowing us to quickly manage everything about your site and domain ourselves to support you.

Your site - loaded instantly across the world

Merlin's global deployment network spans 200 cities across 95 countries, reducing latency and time to first byte by delivering content closer to visitors. Merlin's size and distribution of interconnects offers fast, reliable content delivery throughout the world.
In simple terms, this means your site is deployed across hundreds of data centres across the globe, therefore reducing the time it takes for your visitors to access your site.
Any changes made to your DNS on our system uses 5 minutes TTL (time-to-live), ensure changes made are deployed across the whole world usually in 5 minutes, not 24-48 hours as is the case with some providers.

Zero downtime

Use our network management system coupled with how we deploy your server means your website is always online, deployed across hundreds of data centres all at once.
Because we build your site and deploy static files across our global network (serverless websites), there is no chance of your website going down due to a server error.
With multiple redundancies and locations in place to serve your content, we can guarantee your website stays up. The only downtime can come from an incorrectly configured DNS network, which as we manage this for you, this rarely happens.

Protection from a number of threats

Web applications, network infrastructure, and internal applications require the resilience and intelligence of a scalable network to combat the biggest and newest attacks, enhanced security without sacrificing the performance and we set all this up for you automatically.

Application security

Protect web applications from critical vulnerabilities and threats

Network security

Safeguard network infrastructure against layer 3 and layer 4 DDoS attacks (where an attacker uses an excess amount of devices to load your site, overwhelming your server, which stops normal visitors from being able to access the site)

Protect your teams

Secure your devices, networks, and internal applications

A clear picture of your whole network

It provides transparency and control to you, so you can see at all times how your system is working and therefore avoids situations like been locked out of your website or unable to make changes because you're waiting on an IT support ticket.


Security is key to us, everything on our system is encrypted with industry-leading SSL certificates. To learn more about what we do to protect your clients and your website click the link below: