Editor help and FAQ
Get support for Merlin's Website Editor by viewing reported issues and questions.

My changes aren't showing up on my site?

Our deploy system will publish your changes as soon as you've saved your content.
This can take anywhere from 1 minute up to 7 minutes depending on how many images and pages your site as. For example, a site with over 350 images will take much longer than a site with 10 images.
If you save another page, then the previous deploy request will be cancelled, and instead a new deploy will be started with all your latest changes. Therefore you need to wait until the last file change has been saved to start counting down your timer.
Visiting your dashboard overview will display a list of the most recently deploys, and relevantly, the average build time it takes to deploy your site.

Why do I get a "You don't have any editable content yet..." message?

If you're used to seeing content and editing it prior to receiving this message then chances are a quick page refresh will fix this issue.
If you are new to Merlin and want to start editing your site then get in touch with us to make sure we've hooked up your site to the Editor.
It is a known issue that sometimes the Editor doesn't load content when it should. This is a confirmed issue with our integration with GitHub. We will be releasing a fix to this in the future. See our roadmap.

Why do I get a "The requested file or folder has not been found on your website." message?

Check that the URL for the file or folder is correct. Usually, this means the requested resource does not exist. Sometimes refreshing the page will work (as reported above). Try going back to the previous folder list to try and find your file or folder again.

Why aren't images displaying like they are appearing on the Editor?

The Editor (and the Editor's Media Library) are tools to help you preview your images and content. The final styling, layout and sizing of images are decided by the CSS on your site.
If you want to change the styling of your site then please get in touch with us to schedule this in.
In the future, we will be proving access for Professional and Commerical package to be able to edit custom CSS on the fly.

How do I change the design of my site?

Your website design is built by our developers in the development stage of your website. If you are in the design or development stage then please contact us as soon as possible so we can plan these changes in.
If your site is live, then please contact us to arrange the planning, design and development of a new feature/design/page of your website.