What is Network Management?
Manage your CDN, Domain, DNS, DDoS Protection, SSL Certificates, HTTPS and more by changing your name server over to us.
Automatic features such as CDN, DDoS Protection, SSL and HTTPS are all enabled on every website by default.
However, DNS and domain management are planned for future development. Please contact us to enrol for alpha access.
Please visit our road map to learn more when DNS and domain management will be released for general use.

Why use Merlin's Network Management?

Easily manage your domain and DNS

Managing your domain and DNS through the Merlin Panel has been made to be as simple and intuitive as possible. No more cPanel pages from the early 2000s, just modern UX here.

DDoS Protection, SSL and HTTPS as standard

All of our sites come with enterprise Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection as standard to stop hackers and bad actors from shutting off or slowing down your site to your normal visitors.
SSL uses industry-leading 256+ bit, ChaCha20-Poly1305 cypher to enable HTTP/2 which can boost your site speed by 3x and is fully PCI compliant.
HTTPS (the green padlock at the top of websites) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) are always enabled to ensure your visitor's sessions and interaction with your site are always encrypted and secure.

Automatically deploy your content across the globe

Every website, page, image and file is automatically deployed to our Content Delivery System (CDN) which means your data and site is deployed to more than 200 data centres across 95+ countries.
This can massively cut down latency and loading times for your visitors. For example, a traditional approach of having one server in London could mean a visitor in England may be able to load your site in less than a second. But a visitor in Australia could take over 15 seconds to load the same page.
Our system deploys your same site code across 200 data centres around the globe, making that same visitor in Australia able to load your site on an Australia server, cutting the load time down to a second as well.