Learn what Merlin Panel does to protect your site and your server automatically and with standards setup by our team
Your website, applications, and networks are key channels for doing business with your customers and suppliers. As more and more business is conducted online, ensuring these resources are secure is imperative.
Merlin Panel Security Solutions is a comprehensive suite of products to secure anything connected to the Internet.

Encrypted user data

All your sensitive user data is encrypted when sent over the web, using industry-standard RFC 7519 JSON Web Tokens, this ensures only the user themselves can access their data.
Both our clients (you) on the panel, and your clients on your website have this.

100% HTTPS secure

All pages are served with HTTPS and our system purposely will not access insecure requests, this stop man-in-the-middle attacks and other attempts from hackers to steal information.
It also displays a green padlock that you may be used to seeing on certain browsers

Two Factor Authentication

We are soon implementing two-factor authentication available for all our clients, as well as users on your own site, to further improve security.

Every action logged for compliance

Every action on the Merlin Panel is recorded into an audit log which you can view at any time to see exactly what has happened any time by any of your team or ours.

Industry Leading SSL

When we manage your domain, our SSL uses industry-leading 256+ bit, ChaCha20-Poly1305 cypher to enable HTTP/2 which can boost your site speed by 3x and is fully PCI compliant. We can set up full end-to-end SSL across the whole network on each server (visitor -> proxy -> server -> database) when requested. To ensure hackers cannot breach even behind the scenes.

Your true server, hidden

Our network system deploys a proxy, which prevents visitors from being able to see the true IP address of your server, therefore stopping any potential threats directly targeting your server. All network transmissions are sent through the proxy.

Actively protect against threats

Our network firewall dynamically detects attacks and records all threats to a database (to learn from and block repeat offenders). We can also set up custom rules if we detect a threat is impacting your site/system in any way.

Other Benefits

These are just security benefits to managing you network with Merlin Panel, to view all non-security related benefits please click the link below