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0.6.0 - 2020-06-30


  • Websites

    • Website list is now redesigned to support options to edit your account, view billing and more.

    • Website list now displays which users have access to the site via avatars

    • Deploys and overview page added, view last builds and a screenshot of the current build.

    • Ability to see which of the last builds failed and succeed

    • Ability to trigger a deploy (in preparation for turning off automatic deploying)

  • Editor

    • Support for SVGs in the media library system

  • Store

    • Ability to view all sales over the past 28 days grouped into last 7 days rolling weeks

    • Categories system for products implemented

    • Mass import of products available to admins

    • Added product SKU field to products

  • Permissions (API only)

    • Ability to delete a user from a role, and add them back if deleted

    • Default roles added on website creation

    • Permission middleware check ready to be applied across the whole system

    • Invited users now verified their email once they've created an account

    • Welcome email send to an invited user

  • Admin

    • Admin panel added to Merlin

    • The Ability for admins to load website and users

    • Admins can now access any site without been added

    • Ability to link the hosting instance to a website

  • Billing

    • Braintree added to the Merlin Panel, clients can pay with debit/credit cards or PayPal

    • Subscription system implemented

    • The ability for clients to select a package relevant to them and start billing monthly

    • Address system added to users' account, saved payments methods added as well

    • Invoicing system added for bespoke billing (with plans to add it to client's checkouts in the future)

    • PDF generation of invoices added (with client's logo added to the invoice)

    • Ability to pay for an invoice logged in or out works

  • Users

    • Custom database generation for our clients

    • Remapped schemas for users to work on Merlin and client's websites

    • Viewing and managing of users now added

    • The ability for client's visitors to create an account on their website and also login

    • Account types system added to users

  • Custom Forms

    • Moved contact forms and newsletter signups into a generalised system ready for the implementation of custom dynamic forms next month


  • Store

    • Fixed multiple issues with uploading to the store

    • Fixed an issue with not updating when a product is saved or created

    • Emails are now sent from the client's email to their customer rather than

  • Custom Forms

    • Fixed forms not sending an email to client or visitor

  • 404 error handling applied across the whole application correctly

0.5.0 - 2020-05-29


  • Editor

    • Images now centralised on each repo rather than inline with the relevant markdown file

    • Support for future multi-file commits

    • Media library added, view all images in one place

    • Restructuring of how images work inside of the editor

    • Compression system added for viewing images on the editor

    • Editor images previews are now stored on S3 on upload and loaded from S3 (rather than compressing images on image load to avoid server crashing)

    • Ability to reorder (drag) images in the editor without having to re-upload all images

  • Permissions (API only)

    • Started basic permissions system

    • Ability to create, view and update a role

    • Create custom user-specific permissions

    • Ability to get a user's permission

    • Invite a new user stores permission/role data and builds it once they create an account

  • Store

    • Stripe keys are now loaded dynamically from the website object, public available to the client's website

    • ShipStation integration added

    • Ability to generate rates for a client's visitor on the fly

    • Get all orders and view a specific order

    • Stripe webhook now places an order in ShipStation if ShipStation API keys are present

    • Product weight and dimensions added, used in generating pricing of shipping via ShipStation

    • Warehouses and carries available to be pulled in to the panel from ShipStation

    • A successful order now send an order confirmation email

  • Analytics

    • Facebook Pixel support on client's websites

    • Endpoint for Facebook Pixel to scrape product data directly to their servers via CSV


  • Editor

    • Caching added to editor and images endpoints to stop rate limits

    • Fixed an issue with the editor not working if no pages are added to merlin.config.yml

  • Store

    • Allow Street Two field to be optional as it was preventing checkouts for completing

0.4.0 - 2020-04-29


  • Websites

    • Features system to toggle sidebar navigation added

    • Deployment system added that checks for deploys every 5 minutes

    • Settings page added for managing a website

    • A new websites list added for changing websites

  • Editor

    • Frontmatter is now loading on markdown files

    • Recursive loading of values for nested markdown data

    • Validation system added to the editor

    • Last edited data added to all files

    • Navigation system completed, build into sidebar on the loading of the editor

    • API Key generator added for client's websites to pull product and website data without needed an origin (for Gatsby Node)

    • Deploy system will upload the server-generated files of a client's website if they change their product data now

  • Store

    • Site visitors can now be charged for an order via Stripe

    • Checkout system added, analytics tracking added

    • Baskets system added to client's websites

    • The ability for client's website to pull checkout and product data

    • Webhook Integration to pull data from Stripe

    • Settings page added for managing a store

  • Custom Forms

    • Ability to join a newsletter from a client's website

    • Pagination added for contact forms and newsletter submissions

    • Newsletter and contact forms now support fuzzy searching

  • Admin

    • Added admin check middleware for loading all websites if an admin is logged in


  • Store

    • Check for product images before trying to build URLs

    • Uploading of store images improved

  • Editor

    • Better error handling of 404s and "failed to load" errors.

  • Custom Forms

    • Origin check added to options request

    • Removed CSRF checks as it just caused too many issues

0.3.0 - 2020-03-30


  • Websites

    • Website system now implemented to allows clients to view their own sites

    • Ability to update website data

    • Ability to create a new website

    • Client's favicon now displays with the loaded website

    • The ability for client's website to pull it's website data from Merlin

  • Editor

    • Git is now loaded via a client's website object

  • Store

    • View all and edit products, pagination support added

    • Shortname generator to avoid duplicate URLs

    • Delete products system

    • Websites (and store) now support currency options

    • Stock and product limits added

    • Products images upload to S3, served on CloudFront CDN

    • Tags added to products

  • Account

    • Refresh tokens, auth system now uses JWT with RFC 7519 industry-standard methods.

  • Custom Forms

    • CSRF token system implemented

    • Ability to send contact forms to database

    • Emails contact form to site owner

    • Emails visitor a confirmation email


  • API middleware added on all protected endpoints to keep access correct

  • Origin checks added on client accessible endpoints

0.2.0 - 2020-02-28 [ALPHA]


  • ​Merlin dashboard deployed to production

  • Editor

    • Editor system for loading client's Git repos

    • Github authentication and bot for updating a file on a client's behalf

    • Automated deploying of a client's website

    • Markdown and frontmatter parser

    • Ability to view different folders

  • Account

    • Ability to login and keep session stored

0.1.0 - 2020-01-27


  • API setup, domain setup

  • Account system

  • Merlin authentication system

  • Central Mongoose database integration

  • API Error handling system

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