Media Library
The Media Library is an intelligent system built into the Editor which allows you to manage all your Images, Videos, GIFs, SVGs and more all in one place.
The Media Library currently has two usages:
  1. 1.
    It is loaded on a page section which has images or an image functionality.
  2. 2.
    Clicking on browse or visiting the Media Library directly will display all images used on the site.
The Media Library massively cuts down your build time by allowing you to use the same image on multiple pages across your website.
All images upload are also uploaded and compressed to our CDN server. So when using the editor and see a preview image, we are not directly loading the files on your site. This stop unnecessary bandwidth and pages loads on your site, keeping your site as fast as possible.


We don't currently compress your images when you upload them to the Media Library. This can mean longer unnecessary delays on building your site if you do not compress the image. Services Like TinyPng and TinyJpg can help with that.
We have a maximum file size upload of 5mb currently. As a standard rule of thumb, no images should be over 1mb in size. Most of our client's images are 300kb-700kb in size.
The reason the build time is longer if you use uncompressed images is because we dynamically compress all images on build time to the correct sizes that they are displayed on the site. This can mean some intense server processing if the files are much larger than their display size.
View all images selected dynamically imported from the media library
View all media used across your site in one list

Future plans

In the future, we plan to support the ability to:
  • Show a list view displaying each page where an image is used
  • Delete an image (and for it to delete all references in each page)
  • Rename a file (and still keep all pages connected to that image)
  • Upload more than just SVGs, PNGs, JPGs. Content like GIF, PDFs and MP4 are planned.
  • Compress, crop and edit images.
See our roadmap for more information on when this will be released:
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