Hosting and deploying
Deploying and manages changes to your site is a breeze with our deployment manager. Hosting is deployed across our CDN around the world to ensure the lowest latency possible.


We try to make dynamic changes on the fly to your website, which means you will instantly see updates appearing on your website. However, sometimes there needs to be a new build generated so that the static HTML files can be updated to ensure the SEO is correct.
Changes that will cause a deploy:
  • Website page
  • Store product
  • Discount (without coupon code)
  • Form

Smart deployments

Our system will prevent stacking/queuing of multiple deployments by only allowing the most recent build to process. Don't worry all changes in cancelled builds are included in the most recent deploy.
This is done because if lots of changes, let's say 10, are made in quick succession, then 10 builds are created. 10 builds will take a lot of server power and time to complete, but by processing all changes in one build reduces overall build time and keeps our servers happy.
Making multiple changes to your site can cause a longer delay for the first changes to appear. See the example below:
In the future, we plan to allow the rolling back of updates as well as displaying a publish button to process all of your changes in one build rather than lots of individual builds.


Every website, page, image and file is automatically deployed to our Content Delivery System (CDN) which means your data and site is deployed to more than 200 data centres across 95+ countries.
This can massively cut down latency and loading times for your visitors. For example, a traditional approach of having one server in London could mean a visitor in England may be able to load your site in less than a second. But a visitor in Australia could take over 15 seconds to load the same page.
Our system deploys your same site code across 200 data centres around the globe, making that same visitor in Australia able to load your site on an Australia server, cutting the load time down to a second as well.
Learn more here: